J Cole

How mama gonna teach you how to save when she on the boat got stay a float money Black always broke because we don’t know money. Spend it before we get it and could never hold money.

~J. Cole

That’s how I am ending my night. Note to self get better with my money.




Maliyka is health

Today marks my 34th year and I know I am blessed. After all, I am here. While feeling eternally grateful that God chose to let me close out one year and begin another, I’m a bit sad. Not because God didn’t grant others the same. Rather, I’m saddened at the manner in which their lives were ended. Over the past few days, I’ve been following the happenings of #Ferguson. I’ve shed the tears and I’ve gotten angry even though I have no real energy anymore to do so anymore. I’ve read the articles acknowledging that, “America is not for Blacks.” I’ve acknowledged that too. It’s really not.

Y’all go ahead and keep thinking that all of the laws, which affords us some rights were put in place because we were on their mind. Trust and believe that if they could, they would have it so that we can’t…

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Dreams of an Entrepreneur

Hello world!!
Like most of the world today. I dream that one day I will become a successful entrepreneur. ZayasHeart Collection was created in 2007 in hopes to become a online or brick & mortar boutique that offers not only my collection but collections from
many other up and coming creators. Though I have not yet reach my goal completely I am taking the necessary steps by starting small. I have an etsy store https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZayasHeartwhere you can purchase my creations. As well as in Instagram @zayasheartcollections where you can take a peek in to my journey of becoming the next great entrepreneur. Feel free to visit and leave any comments that will help and give inspiration to the completion of my life’s dream. Nothing is done alone. It takes a village to succeed.




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Random Night Thoughts (Job hunting )

Just wondering where the best place is to find reliable job listings? Everyplace I have searched seems to bring no relevant prospects. starting to wonder if my International Business B.A degree was a wasted investment. Maybe I should really start looking internationally.


Street Art: Around the World in Eight Photos

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Whenever I get the chance to travel, I always photograph local street art. The topics, colors, and scenes help me absorb the feel and atmosphere that makes each destination truly unique. Join me for a tour of some amazing street art from around the world, right from the comfort of your armchair.

Welcome to Berlin, Germany, our first stop on the tour, where we find Christine Estima‘s photo of street art by ElBocho. I love the bold lines and striking expressions:

#ElBocho Berlin Baby Photo by Christine Estima#ElBocho Berlin Baby (Photo by Christine Estima)

And now, over to Cardiff, Wales, for something slightly more muted. DIFF GRAFF did a great job capturing Rmer‘s portrait of Marlon Brando as the Godfather. It’s quite striking, wouldn’t you agree?

Marlon Brando by the artist Rmer Photo by DIFF GRAFFMarlon Brando by the artist Rmer (Photo by DIFF GRAFF)

Heading to Dunedin, New Zealand, we stop off at Dunedin Wears the Pants. The site, run…

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Something to look forward to.

I now have an end of summer vacation to look forward to. I have not been on a relaxing vacation since 2009 Such a shame it has taken this long to stop and smell the ocean. Time waits for no one so enjoy every moment you have doing something you enjoy! Some of the sights I hope to capture on my own.